Dustin Poirier’s Adorable Daughter, ‘Oh No, Daddy’s Got a Boo-boo!’


Dustin Poirier’s Daughter Sees Fight Injuries ‘Oh No! Daddy’s Got a Boo-boo!!!’

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Well, this is adorable … in a violent way. 

When Dustin Poirier‘s daughter saw his face after the Max Holloway fight, she when genuinely worried for her daddy … saying, “Oh no! You have a boo boo dad!”

The footage is ridiculously cute — and shows how sweet UFC fighters can be with their families when they’re not destroying other people in the octagon. 

Of course, Dustin won a crazy bloody 5-round brawl with Holloway for the UFC interim lightweight title … a fight where Dustin took some serious damage to the face. 

One report says Poirier took 208 total strikes during the UFC 236 co-main event — which is A LOT. 

The good news, Dustin seems to be feeling pretty good, despite the bruising — and told his daughter he was taking her to the zoo so they could “see the animals!” 

After the fight, Dustin and Max couldn’t have been more respectful toward each other — each praising the other fighter for battling their hearts out. 


Now Poirier has to heal up and get back in the gym — Dana White told us he’s now slated to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov in Sept. for the undisputed UFC lightweight championship.