Trailer Watch: The CW Unveils Footage of “Batwoman,” “Nancy Drew,” and “Katy Keene”


Fans of “Supergirl,” “Riverdale,” and other CW titles, take note: the network has dropped sneak peaks of your future TV obsessions. You can now watch footage from Ruby Rose-starrer “Batwoman,” noir-inspired “Nancy Drew,” and “Riverdale” spinoff “Katy Keene.”

Kate Kane (Rose, “Orange Is the New Black”) finds herself playing the role of Gotham’s new vigilante after her cousin, Batman, goes missing. The caped crusader has been MIA for three years, and Gotham is in a state of chaos, overrun by criminal gangs. Kate is spurred into action when one such gang kidnaps the city’s best security officer (Meagan Tandy) — who also happens to be Kate’s ex.

Kate demands that Batman’s suit be fixed for her to wear. Told that it’s “literal perfection,” she replies, “It will be — when it fits a woman.”

Though it’s not a spinoff of “Riverdale,” the network’s “Nancy Drew” re-imagining seems to share much in common with the soapy teen drama, including its dark aesthetic and moody voiceover. Set in Horseshoe Bay, Maine, the mystery see Nancy (Kennedy McMann, “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”) trying to solve the case of a murdered socialite. She herself is among the police’s prime suspects. “I believe in looking for the truth,” Nancy says. “Mysteries are everywhere and I love solving them.”

“Pretty Little Liars” alumna Lucy Hale plays the burgeoning fashion star at the center of “Katy Keene.” She’s joined by singer-songwriter Josie McCoy (Ashleigh Murray, “Riverdale”), performer Jorge Lopez/Ginger (Jonny Beauchamp, “Penny Dreadful”), and “It Girl” Pepper Smith (Julia Chan, “Saving Hope”). “For a city that never sleeps, New York has a lot of dreamers,” says one of the characters in a teaser for the show. “Katy Keene” follows these four dreamers as they work to make their mark on the big city.

“Batwoman” and “Nancy Drew” premiere in the fall, and “Katy Keene” is slated to arrive mid-season. No word on specific premiere dates just yet.