Tim McGraw Says Screw Parties, Vote Your Conscience in the 2020 Election


Tim McGraw Screw Red or Blue in 2020 … Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide!!!


Tim McGraw is a strong believer in country over party … not country music, but country U.S. of A.

We got the country singer leaving the ABC building Tuesday in NYC, and asked what it’s like to be a notable Democrat among a predominantly Republican music genre. He tells us above all else … he just loves being an American.

Tim doesn’t offer any scorching hot political takes, but instead reminds folks the most important duty for U.S. citizens is to get out and vote … and vote your conscience.

McGraw’s known for going against the grain in the country music biz — he’s a gun control advocate and publicly supported Obama in the past — so it’s not too hard to read between the lines.